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Va-Tran Systems manufactures precision cleaning solutions for the semiconductor, fiber optic, medical and other high technology industries. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) cleaning systems, purifiers, booster systems and reservoirs are designed to handle your critical cleaning applications. De-ionized water Micro-Precision Steam Cleaners are designed to remove oil, grease, adhesive and fingerprints from your critical parts.

Va-Tran MPS Steam Cleaners

Va-Tran Micro Precision Steam Cleaners

Va-Tran Systems, Inc has developed a new, revolutionary heating system and has incorporated it into our Micro Precision Steam (MPS) Cleaners. This new heating system has made it possible for us to add several new models of steam cleaners to our exceptional standard models. Using de-ionized water, our MPS cleaners deliver high pressure, super-heated, steam to clean oil, grease, adhesive, flux, fingerprints and other contaminants from optics, automotive parts & accessories, circuit boards, and electrical parts. The Micro Precision Steam Cleaners are lightweight and can easily be carried wherever cleaning is required. Most models come with a trigger wand assembly and 3 interchangeable nozzles: 1) Single Jet for a straight stream, 2) Fan for a flat spray to clean larger areas, and 3) Periphery for hole and tube cleaning.


Sno-Gun II CO2 Cleaning System
Sno-Gun II ™

Removes Contaminants as Small as 0.1 Micron from Critical Surfaces


The Sno-Gun is an effective way to remove particle and light hydrocarbon contamination from hybrid circuits, fiber optics, mirrors, silicon wafers, disk drive assemblies, flat panel display substrates, metal and plastic parts, medical instruments, and many other components that require precision cleaning. The Sno-Gun cleans light hydrocarbons and removes particles as small as 0.1 micron! The Sno-Gun; is available in both hand held and automatic configurations. The SG-2 hand held Sno-Gun makes precision cleaning easy. Just connect to a tank of high purity liquid CO2 and start cleaning. The Sno-Gun is shipped in a padded carrying and storage case. Each Sno-Gun is provided with interchangeable nozzles allowing for nine combinations of spray patterns and aggressiveness. All nozzles can be interchanged without the use of tools. The integral .5 micron filter in the valve further controls particles. The complete Sno-Gun package includes a 10 ft. Teflon™ lined stainless steel braided hose, and spare 0.5 micron filter element, and spare seals. All wetted parts are Stainless Steel or virgin Teflon™.



Va-Tran Systems CO2 Purifiers allow the use of inexpensive industrial grade CO2 for ultra-pure cleaning with the Sno Gun™ , other dry ice cleaning systems, or other applications requiring high purity liquid CO2.

  • ECONOMICAL -- Converts low cost CO2 into high quality CO2
  • EASY TO USE -- Simply connects to a CO2 source
  • VERSATILE – can be used with any existing CO2 cleaning system or any application requiring Ultra-Pure liquid carbon dioxide.


Va-Tran CO2 Purifiers  


This is just a small sample of the products offered by Va-Tran Systems.
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