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SigmaTech Ultramap TSV
The SigmaTech UltraMap-TSV system is the world’s first fully automated TSV and deep trench metrology system capable of characterizing TSV and deep trench features from both the front and back sides of the wafer—up to 300mm in diameter.The UltraMap-TSV system can be offered in class-1 compatible configuration and can also be provided with FOUP or SMIF wafer handlers.

Sigmatech TSV System
SigmaTech Ultramap TSV

SigmaTech TSV Video

The 9600 series non-contact thickness measurement system uses patented Automatic Positioning Backpressure Probe (APBP) technology. Providing sub-micron accuracy and measurement on virtually ANY material type, the SigmaTech system is the new choice for thickness, bow & warp measurements on alternative substrates.

The SIGMATECH 9600A is an automatic non-contact thickness measurement system for semiconductor wafers and substrates. The 9600A combines a non-contact pneumatic sensor with a precision computer-controlled stage that is user programmable for specific measurement positions, and an autoloading robot to handle the wafers or substrates.
NOTE: Shown with covers removed to more clearly show mechanisms.  

This is just a small sample of the products offered by SigmaTech.
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