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PaxCam with Pax-it! Software from MIS is an easy to use, Windows based digital imaging system for science and industry. As a true 32-bit application, Pax-it! Gives you the power and control you need with a familiar interface. Image capture, electronic filing system, image annotations, measurement and analysis is all possible with Pax-it! PaxCam digital cameras operate over the standard USB2 port and networking Pax-it! and multiple cameras is easy. PaxCam digital camera with the Pax-it! Interface offer additional advanced features like image stitching, image fusion, advanced measurements, videotext overlays, report generation and much more.

PAX-it! Measurement Module
The PAX-it Measurement Module allows you to measure, annotate, and analyze your images with just a few clicks. Create written reports that include the raw data obtained, a summary table of statistics, image database information, PLUS the images involved. When it comes to reporting, a picture is invaluable in communicating the results that were found.

CD Measurement Module PAX-it! Measurement Module


Paxcam by MISPaxcam by MIS

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