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iON Technology Solutions (iTS) is a provider of high quality sub-assemblies and components for Ion Implant Vacuum Process Tools used by manufacturers in the data storage, wireless, and semiconductor industries.  iTS focuses on providing process fabs with innovative engineering, products, and pricing  structures that cannot be matched by the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Franklin MCI  Microscope Stands

iTS Products
  • Replacement Parts for Axcelis/Eaton Implanters
  • Source Assemblies
  • Lined Arc Chamber Assemblies
  • Source Housing Assemblies
  • Extraction Electrode Assemblies
  • 70 Degree Analyzer Magnet Pump Extension Assemblies
  • Beam Guide Components
  • Resolving Housing Assemblies
  • Faraday Flag Assemblies
  • Electromagnetic Reflector Assemblies
  • Electron Shower Assemblies
  • Beam Tunnel Assemblies
  • Disk Faraday Assembly

In most cases, replacement assemblies have fewer components, are manufactured from higher quality material and will reduce your equipment's Mean Down Time and cost of ownership. Unlike OEM suppliers, our entire business structure is based on reducing your cost of fabrication. We are certified to ISO 9001:2008 providing assurance and tractability to the highest quality standards. After inspecting 100% of our parts, we clean, label and bag in a certified cleanroom facility. Our proprietary cleaning techniques produce parts ready for immediately installation.


This is just a small sample of the products offered by iON Technology Solutions.
Please contact your local TCG representative for more information.

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