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GTI Technologies, Inc. is a leader in innovative products for the semiconductor, compound semiconductor, solar, and materials markets and has worked closely with the Takatori Corporation for nearly 30 years. Their partnership has brought to market a broad range of machinery for the manufacturing of semiconductors with a focus on automated tape / detape systems to support wafer backgrinding and dicing processes.


Protective Tape Laminators:

  • Automated system with special mechanism for optimum tension lamination. Built in heat control, tape cutting (no pre-cut tape required) with vacuum application for superb uniform lamination.

Protective Tape Removal:
  • Unique wafer support and handling allows protective tape removal without stressing wafers.



DAF (Die-Attach Film) Tape Laminators:

  • Vacuum chamber application provides minimal stress and bubble free lamination of tape. Both roll or pre-cut tapes can be used and systems are available with heat control for improved lamination.



Wafer Mounters:

  • Automated systems for mounting wafers onto dicing frames. Systems can include innovations such as, vacuum and heat lamination for precision lamination.



Dry Photo-Resist Film Laminators:

  • Dry resist lamination for thick applications from 15 to 200 microns. These resist laminators are prefect for MEMS and Flip-Chip applications where thick films are needed (better film uniformity without wasteful spin-off).

Other products include: Dicing Frame Washers, UV Tape Irradiators and Chip Sorters


This is just a small sample of the products offered by GTI Technologies, Inc..
Please contact your local TCG representative for more information.

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